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Thinking about our future

Fiordland by Seaplane is perched on the edge of Lake Te Anau, Fiordland National Park/Ata Whenua. Here lies the largest freshwater mass in Australasia. We have a strong connection with the water. Once airborne, the endlessness of native bush, mountain tops and fresh air carry us to our destination. We care about our environment/taiao, and we take responsibility to ‘do our bit’.

Carbon Footprint

We have begun calculating our Greenhouse Gas Emissions using the MfE Measuring Emissions Guidance - 2022 worksheet. This worksheet is an evolving document. Reduced flight hours over the past years due to Covid-19 interruptions will likely mean our fossil fuel burning emissions will increase before our overall footprint reduces. We shall improve our energy saving techniques and introduce carbon off-setting initiatives to reduce our net emissions value over time.

Our carbon footprint for the period 1/1/21 – 31/12/21 was 40.23CO2-e. We will start by reducing what we can in our daily operations. We have implemented a waste weight monitoring system, waste separation, turning off non-essential electrical devices nightly. Our biggest emitter is from fuel and until Avgas Biofuel is more readily available our reductions will be limited.

What We Do:

Our amazing community/to tātau iwi support us through difficult times, and we ‘give back’ as much as we can to support the community. We do this in our every day by doing the following things:

Biodiversity - Jobs for Nature

Since the beginning of 2021, Kylie has been employed by Environment Southland as Project Co-Ordinator for the ‘Weeding Fiordland’s Bufferzone’ project. This initiative was created by the Department of Conservation and carried out by Environment Southland to eradicate two invasive species within a 1 kilometre buffer-zone of South West World Heritage Area (Te Wāi Pounamu) /Fiordland National Park (Atawhenua).

The weeds Cotoneaster and Darwin’s Barberry were identified as significant threats to the National Parks biodiversity, as once established, they can flourish and remain largely undetected under the forest canopy. Kylie has helped over 55 ‘locals’ control these pest plants, which has resulted in removing hundreds of thousands of seeds from the source, cutting and pasting herbicide onto stumps, liaising with residents inside and outside the ‘Bufferzone’, educating people to control their own weeds, creating new relationships between businesspeople, Local and Central Government, and the Department Of Conservation workers. Kylie and colleague Sue Marwick have since been nominated as the Top 3 Finalists for the prestigious Community Award at the New Zealand Biodiversity Awards 2022.

Aerobatic Air Shows for community events

Fortunately for Te Anau & Manapouri’s small community of approximately 2700 people, we have an aerobatic airshow display pilot on our staff. Ivan Krippner's aerobatic accomplishments are well-known in the South. For community events, Ivan has been known to 'let rip' in his S-1 Pitts Special aircraft. Some of his recent displays have been performed for the Te Anau School’s Polar Plunge, New Year’s Eve fly-by, Anzac Day, Marakura Yacht Club Regatta & the Fiordland Aeroclub's Anniversary.

Public speaking for community events

Both Ivan and Kylie Krippner have done unpaid public speaking for local groups, i.e. Friends, Lions Club, Te Anau Women’s group, Rotary, Farmers groups, School & Scouting groups etc. Kylie mainly speaking on her South Pole exploits & Ivan about his flying career.


Every passenger who flies with Kylie or Ivan are privy to an educational in-flight commentary. Through this, people can feel the care and connection they have for Fiordland, their place/to mātau wāhi. The in-flight commentary will take you through a world of scenery, history, plants and animals, and landmarks – all significant to the area. Passengers can learn what conservation initiatives are taking place in and around the Fiords, and how they can contribute.