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Pilot Ivan Krippner

Pilot Kylie Krippner

Kylie and Ivan Krippner

Owners / Pilots

Float planes have been operating on Lake Te Anau since 1962, and Kylie and Ivan Krippner have owned the business since 2015.

Their mission is to share the incredible Fiordland area with everyone, which drives their passion for running the business. Between them, they have over 50 years of flying experience. Kylie and Ivan are Flight Instructors for Mountain Flying and Floatplanes, which shows their experience and commitment to flying in the area. Ivan is also a Civil Aviation Authority flight examiner, recognising his expertise and ability.

Kylie started flying to mix a love of travel, operating machinery and being in the mountains. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the Fiordland area, which offers the ultimate playground. Kylie loves to travel and be in the mountains and outdoors. Fiordland offers up the ultimate playground for her passion for both!

Ivan has flying in his blood, with both parents avid pilots, and growing up with an airstrip as his back garden. Ivan was flying from a very young age. His passion grew into flying commercially, with thousands of hours flying and instructing others to fly with discipline and accuracy. Ivan’s passion for flying comes from sharing the experience with others and the joy and freedom it brings.

Kylie and Ivan are committed to Fiordland, living in the area and raising a family. Rest assured that with the experience and commitment to safety, you’ll be safe in their hands.

You can read more about Kylie here: https://www.go2newzealand.nz/destinations/fiordland/kylie-krippner