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Dusky & Doubtful Sound

Dusky & Doubtful Sound

Untouched and Exclusive!

Combine the famous Doubtful Sound/Patea with the untouched beauty of Dusky Sound. An exhilarating flight of endless peaks, glacially carved landscapes, waterfalls, and over 350 islands scattered throughout the coastal region. A true adventure into the wilds of Fiordland.

Similar Flights

We have a range of flights with differing durations and prices.

Doubtful Sound Flight
40 Minutes

Doubtful Sound Flight

Best Seller!
Running short of time? The perfect alternative is to join us for a scenic flight. See stunning waterfalls and unspoiled scenery, leaving you in awe of this dramatic region. Fly over Lake Manapouri and the South Fiord of Lake Te Anau to the remote wilderness of Doubtful Sound.

Milford Sound
1 Hour

Milford Sound

Fly the length of Lake Te Anau, over the Milford Track and the famous Sutherland Falls to Milford Sound. See spectacular views of the fiord, large cascading waterfalls and the stunning Tutoko Glaciers. The absolute best way to see Milford Sound/Piopiotahi!

Fly 'n' Jet
15 minutes

Fly 'n' Jet

Take a thrilling jet boat ride down the mighty Waiau River with Fiordland Jet and travel back to Lake Te Anau in style with our Lakes 15-minute flight to soak up some Fiordland National Park magic. A fantastic trip with a bit of everything! Allow two hours for this tour, with 75 minutes jet-boating and a 15-minute floatplane flight.

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