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Charter Rates


Travel in style! We are the only seaplane operating in the Fiordland region. In addition to our scenic flights, we offer private charters using our Cessna 206 aircraft.
Whether you need transfers for:

  • vessel support
  • transport for tramping
  • hunting
  • fishing
  • remote biking options
  • conducting scientific research
  • filming
  • historic tours
  • wedding photoshoot– we can help!

Our speciality is providing small group air charters into the back and beyond of Fiordland National Park. For remote activities, please be prepared and take an EPIRB with you and preferably some form of communication. You can visit the Mountain Safety Council website to help with preparation for your trip. See out-landing locations, prices and weight guide on the table or click on a link below.

Charter Rates

Rates valid from April 2023 - $1480.00 + GST per hour (or part thereof). Max Weight per flight 480 Kgs. Prices are for departure from our Te Anau office.

Download a PDF of our Charter rates here: Wings & Water Charter Rates

Common Destinations

Blanket Bay (Doubtful Sound) 0.8 $177.60 $1361.60
Bligh Sound 0.9 $199.80 $1531.80
Breaksea Sound 0.9 $199.80 $1531.80
Caswell Sound 0.8 $177.60 $1361.60
Chalky Inlet 1.3 $288.60 $2212.60
Charles Sound 0.8 $177.60 $1361.60
Charles Sound - Helipad 0.8 $177.60 $1361.60
Dagg Sound 1.0 $222.00 $1702.00
Deep Cove 0.7 $155.40 $1191.40
Doubtful Sound 0.8 $177.60 $1361.60
Dusky Sound/Cascade/Luncheon 1.2 $266.40 $2042.40
Dusky Sound/Supper Cove 0.9 $199.80 $1531.80
Earshell Cove 1.1 $244.20 $1872.20
George Sound 0.9 $199.80 $1531.80
Glade House 0.6 $133.20 $1021.20
Glaisnock River 0.6 $133.20 $1021.20
Gorge Burn 0.5 $111.00 $851.00
Hope Arm 0.4 $88.80 $680.80
Junction Burn Hut 0.5 $111.00 $851.00
Lake Alabaster 1.2 $266.40 $2042.40
Lake Hakapoua 1.2 $266.40 $2042.40
Lake Hankinson 0.6 $133.20 $1021.20
Lake Hauroko 0.9 $199.80 $1531.80
Lake Manapouri 0.4 $88.80 $680.80
Lake Marchant 0.8 $177.60 $1361.60
Lake Mavora 0.5 $111.00 $851.00
Lake McKerrow 1.2 $266.40 $2042.40
Lake Mclvor 0.5 $111.00 $851.00
Lake Monowai 0.7 $155.40 $1191.40
Lake Poteriteri 1.0 $222.00 $1702.00
Lake Rakatu 0.4 $88.80 $680.80
Lake Wapiti 0.6 $133.20 $1021.20
Lake Wilmot 1.3 $288.60 $2212.60
Long Sound 1.2 $266.40 $2042.40
Martins Bay 1.3 $288.60 $2212.60
Milford Sound 1.1 $244.20 $1872.20
Nancy Sound 0.8 $177.60 $1361.60
Preservation Inlet 1.3 $288.60 $2212.60
Queenstown 1.1 $244.20 $1872.20
Stewart Island 2.1 $466.20 $3574.20
Sutherland Sound 1.0 $222.00 $1702.00
Te Anau Downs 0.4 $88.80 $680.80
Te Anau Downs to Glade House 0.4 $88.80 $680.80
West Arm 0.5 $111.00 $851.00
Wet Jacket Arm 0.9 $199.80 $1531.80
Worsley Arm 0.6 $133.20 $1021.20

Floatplane Bike Transport

One of a kind! Safely clip your bike onto our purpose-made bike racks & access remote, exclusive locations in Fiordland by floatplane. Spoil yourself, friends & family members with an experience that will take you off the map!

Maximum four bikes, four people per load.
Minimum two bikes, two people per load.

Your pilot will be responsible for securing your bike to the floats with CAA-approved bike racks. Take onboard: empty water bottle, small backpack, helmet. If overnighting, bring a small bag (day pack).

Biking destinations

  • Doubtful Sound Overnight – Boat, bike, overnight in Deep Cove Hostel, Fly. Boat and fly order may change depending on the weather. Package subject to Hostel availability.
  • Hope Arm, Lake Manapouri
  • Deep Cove, Doubtful Sound
  • Frasers Beach, Manapouri township
  • West Arm, Lake Manapouri
  • Boundary Creek, Lake Te Anau
  • Te Anau Downs, Lake Te Anau
  • North Mavora Lake
  • Lake Gunn

a person standing atop a mountain rock and holding a bicycle while pumping their arms in jubilation


Whether you are looking for a drop-off at a perched mountain lake deep in Fiordland or setting up a basecamp in the Fiords, the floatplane is a safe and economical option for travel. We can take you anywhere between the South Coast of Poteriteri/Hakapoua to Martins Bay and Lake Alabaster in the North (weather depending).

As an approximate rule of thumb, the Cessna 206 floatplane can take the following:

2 persons - a lot of gear eg. hunting, fishing, including small outboard & inflatable boat.
3 persons – a reasonable load including large tramping packs, long weapons, plus some small boxes.
4 persons – a large pack each, one person may have a bag on the knee.

Despite the size of Fiordland National Park, there are only a few places where there are huts and walking tracks.

We are limited by wind and swell if you want to be dropped off in the saltwater fiords. We are bound by Civil Aviation Rules with regards to the carriage of dangerous goods. Please email to discuss your requirements to

If you have any questions on hunting blocks and ballots, contact the Te Anau Department of Conservation: Email:, Phone: (03) 249 0200

A kiwi print and a deer print in the sand
Are the Kiwi larger than the deer!!

Charter Vessels

We can meet you in dozens of locations whilst boating through the Fiords. The floatplane will either butt a float onto the stern of your vessel or use your tender to shuttle people and gear to the boat. We would rendezvous in a sheltered cove or the head of a Fiord with you. We should be able to speak with you on Fiordland Radio Channel 66, the Marine Channel 16, or chat on Channel 10. We can arrange this before you leave, along with your vessel call sign etc. We are happy to shop for you and fly rubbish for disposal out.

Be ready to throw a stern line to the pilot or fend off a wing if it floats your way.

Using the tender to transfer from the float of the sea plane
Using the tender to transfer from the float


There are endless opportunities for the able-tramper in Fiordland, with over 1.2 million hectares of wilderness to explore. But these challenging and iconic tramps can be difficult to access. The floatplane is the perfect way to get started and/or finish your tramp in style. When walking the Milford Track, Dusky Track, or George Sound Track, there is also the option to link with a boat at locations West Arm, Hauroko Hut, Lake Hankinson, Glade Wharf & Sandfly Point.

See Boat transport operators here:
+ Lake Hauroko - Wairaurahiri Jet (
+ West Arm Lake Manapouri –

+ Lake Hankinson, Te Anau Downs, Glade Wharf, Sandfly Point – Contact Fiordland Outdoors Company or Tracknet Transport

person with a large blue backpack tramping in Fiordland bush
Tramping in Fiordland

Our Policies

All prices shown on this website are in New Zealand dollars

Each float plane can carry up to 5 passengers. Weight restrictions do apply

We reserve the right to cancel your flight at any time due to weather and safety precautions

See our full policy details here

Charter Rates downloadable PDF

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